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The simplest way for citizens and companies to plant trees around the world and offset their CO2 emissions.

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22 243 006

trees planted, and counting...

On a mission to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050

There is no solving climate change without solving deforestation. Discover our Master Plan on how we aim to achieve this monster goal.


Trees planted today

Daily objective 64 516

87 738

Trees planted this month

Monthly objective 2 000 000

7 368 721

Trees planted this year

Yearly objective 24 000 000

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Plant trees around the world and track them all in one place.

Create your forest and get your first tree offered:

We gather and coordinate reforestation projects worldwide to:

Stop deforestation

Each of our projects fights back against the alarming rates of global deforestation.

Fight climate change

Planting trees has been recognized by the scientific community as a vital pillar to tackle climate change.

Support local communities

We plant trees and engage in conservation projects where we generate a positive impact on the local environment and populations.

A platform built for all

We make reforesting the world and fighting climate change fun. This is how.

Plant trees

Plant trees around the world from the comfort of your home.

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Offer Trees

Make an original gift to your beloved ones and to the planet as well.

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Net Zero Citizen

Get a monthly plan and offset your CO2 emissions in the easiest way.

From 5 € /month


Net Zero Products

Gift trees to your customers with every product sold & offset its CO2 emissions.

From 0,25 € /tree


Net Zero Team

Get a monthly plan and offset the CO2 emissions of your team.

3 € /team member


Net Zero Website

Automatically compensate all the CO2 emissions your website generates.



Connect your company to the internet of trees

For every business action, we create an equal tree-planting reaction.

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6325 companies are changing the world

Discover the forests of some of our amazing sponsors.

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Technology may have caused climate change, but it can also solve it

Here is the impact on our journey to reforest the world.

22 243 006

Trees planted

2 680 613

Tonnes of CO2 offset

1 678

Team members offseted

780 480

Products offseted

89 020

Trees planted via api

296 115

Tree-gift emails sent

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Your personal forest

As a citizen or company, you have your own personalized forest! This is the place where you can see and collect all the trees you plant.

Your impact page with stats

Every time you plant a tree, we meticulously calculate the amount of CO2 you offset to help you keep track of your impact.

Tree gift sending

Trees make ideal presents for those you wish to gift. Show your commitment by driving change and replacing greeting cards or gifts with trees!

Tree certificate

All the trees planted on Tree-Nation have their own certificate that you will receive via email.